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Black Gymnast Breaking Records in Women’s Gymnastics!!!

Black gymnast breaking records in Women’s Gymnastics. While they are the standouts as far as the Olympics are concerned, there are many black gymnast that have broken records in the industry. But first, lets talk about these three beautiful ladies…

Simone Biles

Simon Biles

O.K. We already know that this girl is ridiculous! The reining queen of gymnastics, Miss Simone Biles is still as hot as ever. She defies gravity, reaching heights unheard of in her floor routine, and through it all, she makes it look easy.

She is the most decorated gymnast in history…and it ain’t over!

Gabrielle “Gabby” Douglas

Gabby Douglas

Helping the US Team win a Gold Medal in the 2012 Olympics was none other than Gabby Douglas. But she wasn’t done, she also grabbed the Gold in the Individual All-Around. She came back for more in 2016 and again the US Team won the Gold!

Dominique Dawes

Dominique Dawes

When Dominique Dawes, known as “Awesome Dawsome” stepped on the scene back in the 1996 Olympics, everybody was rooting for her. She did not disappoint. She came through in the end with a team Gold Medal.

Other Black Gymnast Making History!

Quite a few other black gymnast have knocked on the door of gymnastics. Some walked through and held it wide open for others. Along with Dominique, Gabby and Simone, here is a list of FIRSTS in the area of black women’s gymnastics, as reported by the Wendy Hilliard Gymnastics Foundation.

Simone Biles
Most decorated American gymnast in history, with 19 Olympic & World Championship medals
American gymnast, male or female, with the most gold medals won at a single Olympic Games (4 in 2016)

Gabby Douglas
First black Olympic all-around champion (2012)

Shenea Booth
First black Sports Acro Mixed Pairs world champion (2002, 2004)

Dominique Dawes
First black female gymnast to attend more than one Olympics (1992, 1996, 2000)
First black female gymnast to win an individual Olympic medal (Floor bronze, 1996)
Only American gymnast to be a member of three medal-winning Olympic teams (1992, 1996, 2000)

Dianne Durham
First black gymnast to win the U.S. Classic (1983)
First black female U.S. all-around champion (1983)
First black female gymnast to win an individual national event title (1983 Vault, Balance Beam, Floor)

Betty Okino
First black gymnast, male or female, to win the American Cup (1991)

Corrinne Wright
First black NCAA female all-around champion (1980s)

Wendy Hilliard
First black gymnast to represent the USA in rhythmic gymnastics (1980s)

Luci Collins
First black female gymnast to be named to the U.S. Olympic Team (1980)

Alexandra Nicholson
First black female gymnast to win an individual medal at the World Championships (1972: Trampoline, Gold)
First trampolinist, male or female, to complete the triffis

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