Can't Get Enough of Queen Sugar

Can’t Get Enough of Queen Sugar!!!

Can’t get enough of Queen Sugar. If you haven’t been watching Queen Sugar, you’re missing a great piece of art. Airing on the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN), Queen Sugar is Executive Produced by Oprah and Ava DuVernay. It’s definitely a MUST WATCH!!!

Queen Sugar centers around a fictional family in Louisiana, the Borderlons’. It’s main characters are siblings Nova, Charley and Ralph Angel. In it’s first episode, we learn that the Patriarch of the family owns a 800-acre sugarcane farm that’s been in trouble for years. Suddenly…he passes away, leaving his three children to pick up the pieces; two sisters and a brother who couldn’t be further apart in character.

Queen Sugar

Meet The Borderlon Family

Nova, the oldest sibling, is a New Orleans journalist, herbal healer and activist. She is bi-sexual and struggles with her strong blackness, in spite of dating a married, white cop.

Then there’s Charley, the mulatto love child sister conceived from a white mother . She’s a wealthy sports manager in Los Angeles. Her only client, her cheating NBA husband. She has to navigate dealing with the fallout of his scandalous affair, all while raising their son, Micah and coming to terms with the death of her father.

Ralph Angel is the baby of the bunch. Recently released from prison, he is just getting a taste of freedom and dealing with unemployment. And if that wasn’t enough, he has to raise his young son, Blue, alone and balancing life with his substance challenged baby’s mama, Darla, who is in recovery.

To round out the cast, we meet the peach pie baking Aunt Vi who is challenged with keeping the Borderlon family together. It’s a good thing she has her strong, much younger lover, Hollywood by her side, who does everything he can to guide her in the right direction. Even though she doesn’t always listen.

And that’s all in the first episode!

Queen Sugar

Time To Binge-Watch This Series

But that’s all I’m gonna tell you. It’s time to binge watch this series, and you got 3 complete seasons to catch up on. Now in it’s 4th season, it’s only heating up more.

Praised by critics, Queen Sugar is said to be the first television series in which female directors direct every episode of the series.

  • RUTINA WESLEY is Nova Bordelon
  • KOFI SIRIBOE is Ralph Angel Borderlon
  • DAWN LYEN-GARDNER is Charlotte “Charley” Borderlon-West
  • TINA LIFFORD is Aunt Violet Borderlon
  • OMAR DORSEY is Hollingsworth “Hollywood” Desonere
  • BIANCA LAWSON is Darla Sutton
  • ETHAN HUTCHINSON is Blue Borderlon
  • DONDRE WHITFIELD is Remy Newell

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