President Barack Obama Nets Former Classmate $120,000

Barack Obama Nets Former Classmate $120,000!!!

Barack Obama nets former classmate $120,000. Just by wearing a basketball jersey in his high school days. And it was almost thrown away!

Barack Obama Wears A Jersey In High School That Was Nearly Thrown Away

On Saturday, 55-year-old Peter Noble made $120,000 from the sale of a jersey once worn by former President, Barack Obama.

Destined for the trash, Mr Noble came across an old jersey with the number 23 on it, as reported by Yahoo. Though he was three years younger than Barack Obama, the jersey he possessed was from the same high school he and Obama attended. Honolulu Prep School.

Also found was a photo of Obama wearing a jersey with the number 23. Knowing how much Obama loves his hoops, and his idol, Michael Jordan, could this be the same jersey? Putting two and two together, Noble believed that the jersey was one and the same worn by the former President.

obama high school jersey

Later confirmed by the auction house, details of the jersey matched the one of Obama in the picture. Cashing in on his find, Noble sold the jersey at a Dallas auction for a whopping $120,000.

As reported by the Source, Noble has said that he plans to donate a portion of his newfound loot to their former high school.

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