Missy Elliott returns with new EP and video

Missy Elliott Returns With New EP and Video!!!

Missy Elliott returns with new EP and video. Not only has Missy dropped a new EP “Iconology” but a new video “Throw It Back” has also been released.

Humbled and Grateful, Missy Has Something To Share With Her Fans

2019 is going down as a great year for Missy Elliot, and she wants to celebrate it with her fans. Thanking them and God for walking with her on her journey, she released new music. “Iconology” is a collection of 5 tracks.

Counting her blessing, Missy is sharing her milestones. As reported by the Source, Missy Elliott will be the first female Hip Hop artist inducted into the Songwriters Hall of fame in June.

Additionally, Missy is the recipient of The 2019 MTV Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award. Performing on the show when it airs on August 26, 2019, will mark the first time she has done so in 16 years.

According to her Instagram, Missy writes –

“This year has been a tremendous year for me. I am humbled and grateful. Thank you for allowing me to smell the roses. You, my fans and God are the reason I am here and have celebrated every milestone with me. So, I have a surprise for you. Let’s continue the celebration at midnight tonight. I am dropping a collection of new songs! Let’s #throwitback to a time when music just felt good and made us want to dance. Sincerely Dr. Melissa “Missy Elliott #Iconology”

Did you catch that? Signing her post as Dr. Melissa “Missy” Elliott is due to a huge honor, receiving an Honorary Doctorate from the Berklee College of Music. You go, girl!

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