What happened to the Power Theme Song?

What Happened to the Power Theme Song?

What happened to the Power Theme Song? You know it…it goes

They say this is a big, rich town, yeah, yeah 
And I just come from the poorest part, oh 
Bright lights, city life, I gotta make it 
This is where it goes down, yeah (yeah, yeah)…

– Theme song to Starz Power

Something Just Was Not Quite Right About The Theme Song…And It Didn’t Take Long For Me To Get In My Feelings

It didn’t take long for me to get in my feelings while watching the Power premier. From the first sentence, not even 10 seconds in and it was obvious something was not quite right. And I wasn’t alone. It was 12 of us in the room, and we were all like, ‘Hey, who changed the theme song.’

You ain’t hip if you were not tuned in for the Power premiere on Sunday. Though it was slated for 8 p.m., it was available on demand about midnight. After humming the theme song and settling in with my immaginary popcorn, a group of family and friends started watching the show. By the time the theme song finished, everyone had a puzzled look on their faces. Why would you change something that ain’t broke.

but…How Was The Episode?

I went on the internet and realized I was not the only one perplexed. Everybody’s talking about it. Come to find out that the vocals provided by the original singer, Joe that sang on the first 5 seasons was replaced by Trey Songz remix. Listen to it for yourself. Fifty even responded to the backlash on his Instagram account –

“Damn it man,” he wrote in the caption. “y’all just wanta fuck with me today, talking bout put my song back or I’m a fuck you up 50. chill out alright, did you like the episode?

We Don’t Even Want To Talk About The Episode Right Now

Why, Fifty, why? We ain’t feelin’ this remix. Bring back the original singer! The theme song is actually part of the allure of Power. It was like some kinda altered universe. Bring it back!!

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