Eva Marcille Changes Daughters Last Name

Eva Marcille Changes Daughters Last Name!!

Eva Marcille changes daughters last name. She shares Marley Rae with actor Kevin McCall and she gave her little girl Kevin’s last name.

Actress, model and reality television star Eva Marcille first burst on the scene as Eva the Diva on America’s Next Top Model with Tyra Banks. She won the title as Eva Pigford, but has since changed her last name professionally to Marcille.

Splitting with Kevin was nothing close to amicable. According to Atlanta Black Star, Kevin once took to social media to disown his own daughter back in 2017.

“If you want her so bad, you can have her,” he wrote of giving up on seeing his 3-year-old child. “I’m deleting all memories of her. I’m not about to play any more games or participate in society’s joke of a child program,” he said. “[You’re] dead to me.”

After apparently cleaning out his Instagram account of all images of his beautiful little girl, he posted –

…Out of sight, out of mind. Erased from my memory…

Eva Marcille Is Now In A Happy Place

As of August 2019, Eva announced that Marley’s name is now Marley Rae Sterling.

Now married to Atlanta-based attorney Michael Sterling as of October of last year, her married name is Eva Sterling. For all intents and purposes, Michael appears to have lovingly stepped into the fatherly role for Marley.

Michael and Eva added to their family when their son, Michael Sterling, Jr. was born in 2018. In May of this year she announced that she is pregnant again, with her third child.

In August 2019, Marley’s last name was changed to that of her stepdad. Addressing the issue on the Rickey Smiley Morning Show on August 19th, Eva explains what led to the change –

“I just went through a name change with my firstborn, Marley Rae. So Marley was born in 2014 and I gave her her biological father’s name and after two months we became estranged and I raised her as a single mom…and then, the good Lord saw fit for me to meet an amazing man, Michael Sterling, who has become my husband and the father of my later children.”

Adding to her explanation, Eva said –

“Long story short, we all have the name Sterling, and Marley is the only one with her biological father’s name and I saw it necessary and Mike saw it necessary to change her name.

We’ve been going through the process—I must say, it is not an easy process and it is not for the faint of heart—but we’ve been working through it and [as of] yesterday I can say that thank you for the honorable Judge Manning here in Fulton County court granted me a name change for Marley. She is now officially and legally Marley Rae Sterling.”

How does Kevin McCall feel about the name change?

Kevin McCall has not responded directly to the news, though he has never hesitated to tell how he feels when it comes to Eva. Maybe a clue is what he retweeted from one of his followers –

“Eva Marcelle got Kevin McCall f****d up.”

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