Kevin Hart Suffers Major Injuries in His Plymouth Barracuda!!!

Kevin Hart suffers major injuries in his Plymouth Barracuda. Along with his driver, Hart was seriously hurt when one of his muscle cars ended up in a ditch.

Kevin Hart’s Plymouth Barracuda Totaled

Shortly before 1:00 a.m. on Sunday morning, Hart was riding in his Plymouth Barracuda in Malibu Hills. Gifting the vehicle to himself, Kevin bought the car in July to celebrate his 40th birthday.

After swerving on Mulholland Highway, a winding road described as treacherous, the vehicle crashed. Ending up in a ditch, 10 feet off the road, the comedian and two others were trapped inside. Kevin Hart was not driving.

Crash scene photos obtained by TMZ show the car lay upside down. Smashing through wooden fencing along the road, the roof was completely crushed on impact, as reported by TMZ.

Hart and Driver Both Suffer “Major Back Injuries”

As confirmed by the cops, Kevin Hart and the driver both were suffering from “major back injuries”. A third person, a female, did not require hospital treatment. As far as the driver is concerned, alcohol did not appear to be a factor.

Picked up by a member of his security team in an SUV, Hart was initially taken to his home nearby. However, he ended up having to be treated at a nearby hospital.

Just Saturday, Kevin Hart shared a video on social media of himself inside his vintage ride. As someone was yelling at him for spinning out his tires and burning rubber on the street.

Luckily everyone survived this serious accident, it could have been a lot worse.

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