Tracee Ellis Ross Patterns

Tracee Ellis Ross Announces Natural Hair Care Line!!

Tracee Ellis Ross of Girlfriends and Blackish fame has started a hair care product line just for us.

Meeting with chemist for the past two years, the actress says that she has been working on this project for the past 10 years.

Tracee Ellis Ross Is Excited For PATTERN To Join The Natural Hair Movement

Taking to Instagram, Ms. Ross announced:

“Thrilled to introduce PATTERN // my new hair care brand specifically for curly, coily, and tight textured hair…I’m excited for PATTERN to join the natural hair movement, and to celebrate our hair for what it is: beautiful!”

As stated on her website,, the product consists of –

“large conditioner sizes to fulfill our unmet needs in our community…travel sizes that are refillable and prices that are accessible…packaging that encompasses the legacy that we come from and make us feel like the royalty that we are.”

Feeling very good about these products, Ms. Ross states –

“I also feel really proud of the fact that, Pattern products, when you purchase them you are supporting organizations and programs that empower people of color and women.”

As reported by the Source, we can all start shopping for these products on September 9th at 9 a.m. on

Let’s celebrate with Tracee, this beautiful black girl thats rocking her patterns, ’cause sometimes it’s just all about the hair!

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