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Regina King Is Masked Vigilante In HBO’s Watchmen!!!

Regina King is masked vigilante in HBO’s Watchmen. Based on the DC Comics limited series of the same name, the tale was written by Alan Moore.

Mysteriously moving, this superhero drama television series will tackle race and the police. Appearing on this fall, HBO has released a trailer, watch below.

Regina King Stars as Lead Detective Angela Abar in this Superhero Series

Treated as outlaws due to their violence, superheroes and vigilantes in Watchmen are set in an alternate reality. Without internet or smartphones, the year is 2019 and Robert Redford is the longest living United States President, having been elected in 1992.

As reported by Entertainment Tonight, this David Lindelof’s revamped version is different from the original Watchmen and it takes place 34 years into the future of the first story.

While new characters are introduced, several will be back, namely Doctor Manhattan, Silk Spectre and Ozymandias.

Starring as the lead Detective at the Tulsa Oklahoma Police Department, Angela Abar, is our girl Regina King.

Forced to wear a mask to hide their identity, the police force go head to head with white supremacists terrorist. According to Entertainment Tonight, King describes her character this way –

“She is a product of her experiences and her environment, and as you hopefully continue to watch the episodes, you will see why she is this woman who feels like she needs to wear several masks,” 

“I think because we see a lot of the story happening in Tulsa through Angela’s eyes, we are reminded how we go around in our day to day taking off masks and putting them on. That, as far as a character is concerned, is very different than any character I’ve played.” 

Cast of Watchmen

  • Regina King as Angela Aba, Detective
  • Jeremy Irons as Lord of a British Manor
  • Don Johnson as Judd Crawford, Tulsa Chief of Police
  • Louis Gossett Jr. as Will Reeves
  • Jean Smart as Laurie Blacke, FBI Agent
  • Tim Blake Nelson as Detective Looking Glass
  • Yahya Abdul-Mateen II as Cal Abar
  • Tom Mison as Mr. Phillips
  • Frances Fisher as Jane Crawford
  • Sara Vickers as Ms. Crookshanks
  • Hong Chau as trillionaire Lady Trieu

In April of this year, Hong Chau said this about Regina King –

“I’ve been a fan of Regina King’s for a really long time, so it’s been really nice to work with her on the show,” However, Chau would not give anymore details about the series.

Debuting on Sunday, October 20th, there will be 9 episodes in the first season. Don’t be scared.

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