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Will Smith Takes On Younger Self in ‘Gemini Man’!!!

Will Smith takes on his younger self in new movie, Gemini Man. Yes, you are seeing double. Playing the roles of Henry Brogan, a deadly elite assassin in this science fiction action thriller, Smith has to confront a clone of his younger self named Junior. And it’s in 3D.

Will Smith Shines In New Action-Packed Thriller

With Oscar-winning Director Ang Lee guiding this film and exploring ground-breaking visual effects, Smith shines in both roles. Described as ‘breathtaking’ and ‘game changing,’ the reviews are in and it looks like Lee and Smith have another hit on their hands. Check out the trailer below.

As reported by DigitalSpy, critics have shared what they think of the new flick, here’s some of what they said –

“If you don’t see it in theaters you’re missing a true experience,”

GEMINI MAN is a technical marvel. In its high frame rate of 120fps, the action sequences legitimately took my breath away,”

“the only 3D movie [they’ll] ever endorse.”

“Old Will Smith vs young Will Smith equals a visually visceral experience that’s absolutely wild to watch at times. Again, Ang Lee delivers bold, unique action that’s on par w/ the best.”

After the release of the trailer, Director Ang Lee shared this about his starring actor –

“It is my great fortune to be able to experiment and test the limits of what new digital cinema has to offer us. No less so to be able to work with two Will Smiths – one beautifully sophisticated, the other exuberantly honest.

In my opinion, this is Will at his very best, and when the two come together, it is something truly magical.”

Also sharing the big screen with Smith is Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Clive Owen and Benedict Wong. Gemini Man opens on October 11th.

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