Lizzo Lands Cover of Billboard Magazine!!!

Lizzo lands the cover of Billboard magazine. But, just who is Lizzo anyway? Sitting pretty at the top of the Billboard 100 Chart, new breakout sensation Lizzo has actually been around since 2010.

Lizzo Says Landing Cover of Billboard Magazine is ‘Cool as F**k’

Known professionally as Lizzo, this 31-year old rapper, singer, actress and songwriter’s real name is Melissa Vivienne Jefferson.

Hearing about her for the first time, I saw her performing on the 2019 BET Awards and I was like, “Who is this chick letting it all hang out?”

Now she’s on the cover of Billboard. Check her out during the photoshoot of her Billboard Magazine cover.

Upon hearing that she will be on the cover of the magazine Lizzo had this to say –

“Are you sure…like it’s just me on the actual cover?”

“Being on the cover of Billboard means that I’m really doing a damn thing. It’s cool as f**k. It doesn’t mean that your music is good, ’cause I’ve always known that my music is good. But it means that your music is reaching the world…and your music is making a mark.”

And not with just numbers, but impact…I just hope the pictures are cute.”

Holding down the #1 spot for 3 weeks now with Truth Hurts, Lizzo actually has 3 songs charting on Billboard –

  • Truth Hurts has been on the chart for 19 weeks so far, reaching #1 on September 7th.
  • Juice peaked at #82 on September 17th.
  • Good as Hell peaked at #41 on September 9th

Looks like her future is bright in the music industry, we’ll keep checking her out.

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