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Willow Smith Can Really Sing…Who Knew?

Willow Smith can really sing, who knew? From the days of “Whip My Hair” to now, she has really blossomed.

Willow Smith Showing Off Her ‘Raspy, Beautiful, Gritty’ Voice

Remember Whip My Hair, my granddaughter is still singing that song. But, Miss Willow has really evolved since those days. Now the girl is actually ‘sangin’.

Smith, daughter of Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith can sing her butt off. Check her out displaying her chops in this video with her boyfriend, Tyler Cole.

Posting on her Instagram page, Willow’s momma, Jada captioned the video –

My goodness goddess, I had no clue, I’m in awe. That raspy beautiful gritty rawness that flows out of her mouth is undeniably the best thing I’ve heard today. Thank you for sharing a piece of her with us!!!

Hope to hear more from this little bundle of talent in the near future.

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