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Lisa Raye McCoy Crowned Queen Nana of Ghana!!!

Lisa Raye has been crowned the Queen Mother of Ghana. You heard me right, the actress and former First Lady of Turks and Caicos has a new title bestowed upon her.

Lisa Raye Has A New Regal Title

Crowned on September 22nd, Ms. McCoy was honored one day before her birthday. Enstoolment, one of the last great African traditions will have McCoy reigning over Ghana’s central region, as reported by The Source.

Lisa Raye McCoy crowned queen mother

As Queen Mother, she will have lots of influence over the local government of Ghana. Queen mothers are leaders in Ghana and with her position, she will have lots of power.

How did she earn this title, by her incredible humanitarian efforts over the years. Handpicked by the Paramount Chief of Agona Kwanyako, the chiefs and the entire Kyidom Traditional Divisional Councils.

Clearly appreciative and honored by the title, Lisa Raye had this to say –

“Wow! African Queen? I’m still trying to let that sink in.”

“This honor is beyond my wildest imagination. I plan to do all that I can by using my platform to bring positive attention to this region. I will serve humbly.”

“I’ve had lots of accomplishments in my life, personally and professionally, but I didn’t get to this point alone. It’s taken a great team of people along the way. To have such an honor bestowed upon me by my own African people is a testament to my hard work and character. It’s like a dream coming true before my very eyes.”

What do think of this accomplishment,? Let’s wish her the best.

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