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Peter Thomas Of RHOA Sports Bar and Lounge Shut Down!!!

Peter Thomas, who formerly starred in reality show Real Housewives of Atlanta, is having his sports bar shut down. Seems like bad luck has followed Thomas ever since he opened it.

Peter Thomas Has Luck Following Him Since Opening Sports Bar

Back when Peter Thomas first opened his sports bar, he was married to the beautiful model, Cynthia Bailey of RHOA. Actually marrying on Season 3 of the show, nothing but bad luck has happened since the opening of the bar located in North Carolina.

Since that time, Thomas has:

  • been caught up in a cheating scandal with a patron of his bar, with photos evidence, no less
  • lost his marriage with then wife, Cynthia Bailey due to the distance. Cynthia was not about to relocate to South Carolina and Peter was spending all of his time there (the scandal didn’t help either)
  • been accused of assaulting a Sports One guest by the name of Brandon Link. Claiming that Peter became hostile and yelled at him, Link stated that Peter “tossed him like a ragdoll and busted his head”.
  • been arrested and taken into custody after disembarking a plane at Miami International Airport on a Louisiana warrant. Allegedly, he wrote a $4000 check that bounced. He was held without bond.
  • allegedly pulled a knife on Matt Jordan, then boyfreind of Kenya Moore. Later claiming self-defense, all that went down during a physical altercation in the middle of a radio interview.
  • had his bar slapped with tax bill for nearly $237,000, according to federal records

Maybe The Bar Is Bad Luck

Regarding the brawl with Matt Jordan, Peter told TMZ –

“I understand the seriousness of the allegations that have been filed against me, however the allegations are false. I do have faith in the judicial process and have no doubt that I will be acquitted from any wrong doing. While I can offer no further information about this incident, I do confirm that my attorney is handling this matter expeditiously.”

As for the Sports One Bar and Lounge in Charlotte, the establishment will be closed. As reported by TMZ, the bar was short of funds to keep up with commitments due to other projects.

Possibly shut down for at least 3 to 6 months, Peter’s legal team are working to clear up the debt.

Meanwhile, Cynthia Bailey is in a whirlwind romance, and looking forward to marrying her fiancee Mike Hill.

Causing you nothing but grief, I don’t know, Peter, maybe it’s time to give up the Sports One Bar and Lounge.

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