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Samuel L. Jackson Adding His Iconic Voice to Alexa!!!

Samuel L. Jackson is lending his voice to the popular Amazon Alexa. Can’t you hear him now saying, “Wake up, Motherf*cker!” No, I don’t know if he’ll actually be saying that, but it would be pretty cool, wouldn’t it.

Samuel L. Jackson and His Iconic Voice Are Equally Recognizable

Choosing Samuel L. Jackson is actually a perfect choice for Amazon’s first celebrity rep for Alexa. Allowing Amazon to recreate actual human voices, it’s all accomplished through a neural text-to-speech software.

Samuel L. Jackson

As reported by The Source, what makes this so unique is that the service doesn’t rely on prerecorded files. Being fully able to incorporate “deep learning” techniques, Alexa will give you a true-to-life experience while using it.

Some may not be able to handle Jackson’s very colorful language. But not to worry, you will have a couple of choices with his voice, explicit or the clean version.

Samuel L. Jackson

Now, don’t go rushing to upgrade your Alexa just yet with the voice of Samuel L. Jackson, it’s not available until later this year. How much will it cost you? Just 99 cents.

After 2019, Amazon will have more celebrities to choose from. But, there will also be a price increase to $4.99. Sounds like a lot of fun.

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