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Mike Tyson or Floyd Mayweather? Who Wins in a Street Fight??

Mike Tyson vs. Floyd Mayweather in a street fight. Who wins? When Tyson was asked who would win in a street fight between him in his prime and Mayweather, Tyson gave the win to himself.

Mike Tyson: I Think I Would Really Kick Floyd’s Ass In A Street Fight

As reported by The Source, Mike Tyson himself was involved in GQ Sports Actually Me series. Predicting the outcome of a street fight between himself during his prime and Floyd Mayweather, the former Heavyweight Boxing Champ of the World stated –

“I think I would really kick Floyd’s ass in a street fight, It wouldn’t even be no match.”

“But probably if I was his size in the ring, he would outpoint me…he has a really good technique for his style, he’s reallt great at what he does.”

According to GQ Sport, Tyson is a lot more humble at 53 and respects Mayweather and his accomplishments. However, he draws the line when Floyd claims to be the greatest boxer ever. Believing that in order to be the best you have to have success outside of the ring, Tyson stated –

“Listen, if he was anywhere near that realm of great as Muhammad Ali, he’d be able to take his kids to school by himself.”

“OK, he can’t take his kids to school by himself, and he’s talking about he’s great? Greatness is not guarding yourself from the people. It’s being accepted by the people.”

What do you guys think? Mike Tyson or Floyd Mayweather?

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