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Alicia Keys Visually Stunning Video For “Show Me Love”!!!

Alicia Keys visually stunning video for Show Me Love features Miguel. Directed by Cara Stricker, Show Me Love is described as a Visual Sonic Experience.

Alicia Keys And Miguel Appear In New Video, Along With Michael B. Jordan, Zoe Saldana and Marco Perego Saldana.

Creating something truly beautiful is a video by the very talented Grammy Award winning singer and songwriter, Alicia Keys.

Even though it just premiered on YouTube on September 17th, it has already gathered more than 2.5 million views. Taking music videos to a whole new level, this is what one commenter had to say –

This is so artistically rich. I can’t really put it in words. What a masterpiece!!!

alicia keys miguel show me love

With R&B singer and record producer, Miguel on board, actor Michael B. Jordan also appears in one-shot scenes for this visual. Additionally, Zoe Saldana appears with her husband, Marco Perego Saldana.

Starting out quietly, this entire rain-soaked project is done in artistic slow motion. Immediately impressive, it displays poetically the ups and downs of relationships.

alicia keys show me love michael b jordan

Some Of The Lyrics To ‘Show Me Love’

Treat it like we freakin’ on the weekend, show me love
I heat up the seconds, times and reasons for your love
This is not the season for nobody else but us
I always get wrapped up in you, baby, I’m in love

Show me love like you see red lights
And you crashed in it like a deer inside of headlights
You gon’ show me love like, like you tried it…and denied it
But you still let me apply it…like I made you put your ties in
Show me lo-o-ove, even when you don’t got time to
I’ll be there to find ya, I’ll remind ya

Contributing a fantastic work of art, check out the video below.

As reported by Essence, Keys described her visual this way –

Show Me Love is an exploration of love, showing the ins and outs, and highs and lows. I have been on this journey to be more vulnerable; in my life, in my music; and this new visual experience reflects this time.”

Show Me Loves displays different expressions of love, the journey of it, the push and pull, the struggle and the eventual joy and peace.”

alicia keys show me love with zoe saldana and husband
Zoe Saldana and her husband, Marco Perego Saldana

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