Jay-Z Sued For Not Promoting GOLD Cologne!!!

Jay-Z being sued for $18 Million for not promoting GOLD Cologne. Ruled by a New York judge, the Hip Hop Mogul has to sit down for a deposition this week.

Jay-Z Scheduled For Taped Deposition On Friday

Sued by fragrance company Parlux, Jay-Z has been fighting this case since 2016. Claiming Jay was supposed to promote their Gold Jay Z men’s fragrance, Parlux accuses him of breach of contract and asking for royalties and advance payments.

Additionally, the fragrance company is asking for punitive damages to the tune of a whopping $18 Million Dollars.

 After going back and forth with the court over him giving a deposition, it was scheduled to take place on August 27th. However, he canceled after discovering that the whole thing would be taped.

Not wanting to tarnish his brand by the tape being leaked, Jay-Z decided to scrap the deposition, as reported by Complex.

But the court had other plans. Ruling that the deposition was necessary, Judge Andrew Borrok ruled that the deposition will take place on Friday, with the following instructions –

  • Each party will receive 3 watermarked copies of the tapes
  • Neither party will be allowed to upload the footage to iCloud or their computers
  • The court must destroy the original copies once the watermarked tapes are issued

I guess Jay wont be getting out of this one. Honestly, I never even heard of GOLD Jay Z Cologne. Now people gonna be looking for it on Amazon. Go figure.

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