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Lil Kim Gifted With Faux Fur Jacket From PETA!!!

Lil Kim gets faux fur jacket as a gift from PETA.

While confronted by a bunch of folks holding up signs and yelling at her, the rapper was walking outside of Verizon Media Studios earlier this week.

Lil Kim Supports PETA, As Long As They Are Not In Her Personal Space

Feeling her personal space invaded, the award-winning rapper stood up to the surprise attack by the protesters. Before things got out of hand, security showed up to intervene between the crowd of fur lovers and the fur-loving rapper. Afterward, Kim stated to PETA –

“Peaceful protests mean more than anything, I’m not telling you guys to stop. Keep going. Go ahead, PETA, keep doing what you do. I get it. I am supporting you from a distance if you’re not in my upper space trying to violate. At the end of the day, I understand what you’re fighting for.”

According to the Source, it was later reported that PETA was not behind the aggression of the protestors nor the protest in general. Perhaps hoping to recruit the rapper for a future campaign, The Animal Rights Organization gifted the hip hop star with a faux fur jacket. Additionally, the organization submitted a press release, stating –

“Moving forward, it would be great to see Lil’ Kim commit to refusing to wear animal fur, joining the ranks of other compassionate celebrities…”

Knowing how much Kim loves her furs, the first garment other stars, such as Beyonce and Karrueche Tran reached for to imitate her is a fur coat.

We’ll see how this plays out. No word yet from Lil Kim.

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