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Keke Wyatt Pregnant With Her 10th Child!!!

Keke Wyatt Pregnant with baby #10. And she couldn’t be happier. Taking to Instagram to announce the new arrival by posting a pregnancy photoshoot.

Keke Wyatt and Husband Zachariah Darring Expecting Their 1st Child Together

Phenomenal singer Ke’Tari Shavon Wyatt, known as Keke Wyatt and her new husband Zachariah Darring are expecting their first baby together. But this will be the 10th for Ms. Keke. Under her gorgeous maternity photos posted on Instagram, she captioned the post –

“My husband Zackariah Darring and I are so happy to announce that we are expecting our new bundle of joy! We are excited to welcome the 10th addition to our beautiful family…”

keke wyatt

No stranger to pregnancy photos, check out these beautifully captured moments –

keke wyatt

As reported by Essence, Wyatt spoke with The Christian Post in 2017 and stated –

“I had just gotten married and my career all in the same year. The people I was working with tried to get me to get an abortion and I was like, ‘Excuse me!’ They were like, ‘It’s going to end your career.’ So, I gave birth and after I gave birth I was KeKe Wyatt.”

keke wyatt

Being A Mom Is A Divine Calling

Feeling that being a mom is a divine calling, Ms. Wyatt also shared that, among her many talents, she believes being a mom is a gift for which she is uniquely talented.

What a difference a year makes. Remember the heartbreaking video Keke Wyatt uploaded in late 2017. Believing she had hit rock bottom, she was dealing with her 14-year-old son being diagnosed with cancer, and her then husband demanding a divorce, all while being 8 months pregnant.

Fast forward a year, and Ms. Wyatt hooked up with her childhood sweetheart and married him in late 2018. And her son is cancer-free! Now the two of them are adding to their family with a brand new bundle to love.

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Darring!

Also announced on her Instagram page is her upcoming YouTube series to be called The Keke Show, as she will balance being a wife, mommy and artist. No release date yet, but stay tuned.

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