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Michael Strahan Asked To Pay More Child Support!!!

Michael Strahan asked to pay more child support by his ex-wife. And she’s asking for more than half a million dollars in back money for the support of their twin teen-aged daughters.

Michael Strahan Paying $13,000 In Child Support, Ex-Wife Says That’s Not Enough

According to Jean Muggli, ex-wife of former NFL star Michael Strahan, he’s not living up to his end of the deal. And she’s asking for more than half a million dollars.

Michael Strahan and ex-wife Jean Muggli

All was well in 1999 when Michael Strahan married Jean Muggli. By the time they split 7 years later in 2006, not so much. Leaving the union with twin daughters in tow, Muggli was later awarded $15.3 million in the divorce. Additionally, she got $18,000 per month in child support. Later, in 2009, that amount was decreased to $13,000 a month.

Michael Strahan and twin daughters Sophia and Isabella

Sophia and Isabella look happy in photos taken with their superstar dad, Michael Strahan, but his ex-wife is not smiling so much. According to legal documents, Michael’s ex-wife is making several claims about the former NFL star, alleging that he –

  • owes hundreds of thousands in back child support
  • including $450,802 for daughters’ horseback riding bills since 2017, for which he allegedly agreed to pay 50%
  • has underpaid child support since 2010, (because what he pays has not been adjusted for cost of living) and she wants $321,654 in back support

What Does Strahan Have To Say About All Of This?

Though he says he never agreed to such an arrangement, documents filed by Strahan suggest that he agrees that part of their agreement does call for adjustments for cost of living. However, he disagrees in the formula to come up with the right number.

According to TMZ, Muggli wants more money. Because of his Fox NFL Sunday and Good Morning America gigs, she says her ex-hubby is making way more loot than he was in 2009. Therefore, he should be paying her more in support for their girls. She wants Michael Strahan to pay $18,378 a month from now on.

Hopefully all this will get resolved soon, the next hearing in the matter is scheduled for next month in front of a judge.

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