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Snoop Dogg Gets 48-Joint Bouquet For Birthday!!!

Rapper Snoop Dogg receives a 48-joint bouquet for his 48th birthday. Guess who turned 48 years old on Sunday. And what better way to gift a weed-loving rapper for his 48th birthday, then to give him 4 dozen joints.

Snoop Dogg Gets ‘High Class’ Birthday Gift

What do you give a guy that has everything? As reported exclusively by TMZ, rapper Snoop Dogg received a very special bouquet of flowers from those closest to him. But these were not just any old flowers, this bouquet was custom made with a joint for every year Snoop Dogg has been on Earth.

Designed by artist Leslie K Monroy, a cannabis floral designer, no doubt the arrangement put a big ole smile on Snoop’s face. Reportedly, 24 of the joints were filled with Indica and the other 24 with Sativa.

Additionally, Monroy added 8 tall weed clones and 4 small ones. The designer of the bouquet says that people at the Merry Jane weed company, which is owned by Snoop himself, noticed her work and had to get something special done for the rapper.

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