Diddy Name Change Alert: Call Him Sean Love!!!

Diddy changing his name again. That’s right, I guess he’s tired of Diddy, now he wants to be called Sean Love. Are we keeping up with this?

Diddy Changing His Name From Sean John To Sean Love

No stranger to changing his name, professionally, the rapper and businessman Sean John Combs has gone under the moniker, Puff Daddy, P. Diddy and Puffy. Making it official this time, he’s changing his real name ‘Sean John Combs’ to ‘Sean Love Combs.’ Taking to Twitter, the future Sean Love writes –

“I’ve decided to change my name again. My new name is LOVE, AKA Brother Love. #TakeDat”

That’s it. That’s all he said. No explanation as to why he is doing this, just a short statement. Oh well.

As reported by TMZ, the constantly name changing rapper joked in 2017 about changing his name to ‘Brother Love’, but never did it. This time, he’s doing it legally. TMZ obtained documents that show a petition was filed to change his name at the Los Angeles County Superior Court.

Another mid-life crisis? Come on Diddy, get your stuff together!

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