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Oscar De La Hoya Accused of Sexual Assault!!!

Oscar De La Hoya accused of sexual assault. Per his spokesman, he is a target due to his fame. He denies all allegations made by the alleged victim.

Oscar De La Hoya Denies All Allegations Made By The Alleged Victim

Accused by an unidentified woman who filed a lawsuit in the California Supreme Court for Los Angels County, 46-year old Boxing Hall of Famer, Oscar De La Hoya is vehemently denying her claims.

Submitted by Greg Kirakosian, the attorney for the San Bernardino, California licensed vocational nurse, a 10-page lawsuit details the 29-year-old’s claims. Seeking a jury trial, the alleged victim is alleging –

  • sexual assualt
  • sexual battery
  • gender violence
  • negligence
  • intentional infliction of emotional distress

According to the lawsuit, obtained by ESPN, the alleged victim states that she had a consensual sexual relationship with Oscar De La Hoya. Having met him 2016, things changed the next year around November of 2017 when she was invited by De La Hoya to see the new home he had purchased in Pasadena, California. That’s when she says things turned violent.

Though the woman believed that the two would have consensual sex that night, she was not down for a specific sexual act he wanted her to perform. But, when she refused his requests, an intoxicated De La Hoya became aggressive and eventually overpowered her.

As stated in the lawsuit, ‘Jane Doe,’ after resisting his advances, the Plaintiff screamed at him, but he responded by repeatedly urging the Plaintiff to take a shot of alcohol.

‘Jane Doe’ alleges Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder As Result Of Alleged Assault

Afterward, seeking medical attention, the woman stated that she was given medication. As a result of the alleged assault, the Plaintiff says she was diagnosed and is suffering from –

  • post-traumatic stress disorder
  • extreme distress
  • humiliation
  • indignation
  • outrage as a result of De La Hoya’s conduct
  • constant and daily symptoms of depression
  • anxiety and other symptoms

Was a police report ever filed? That’s a good question, there is no indication in the lawsuit if the woman ever filed a police report.

Spokesman: CEO of Golden Boy Promotions is a Prime Target

Via a statement by his spokesman, the Golden Boy Promotions CEO and boxing great denies the allegations –

“A frivolous lawsuit was filed recently alleging that Oscar De La Hoya sexually assaulted ‘Jane Doe,’ which is completely false.”

“Oscar is a very successful businessman, running one of the country’s leading sports and entertainment companies — thus a prime target. It is worth noting that both recent lawsuits have been filed by the same attorney who is looking to make a name for himself. We vehemently deny these allegations and look forward to vigorously defending Oscar’s good name and reputation.”

According to ESPN, The other lawsuit the statement referred to was a civil suit brought on behalf of a Golden Boy Promotions employee who accused De La Hoya of work related deficiencies. Those claims were also denied by De La Hoya.

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