Flavor Flav, You ARE The Daddy!!!

Flavor Flav, you are the daddy! 60-year old hip hop artist proved to be the father of a 2 month old baby boy. A paternity test filed in L.A. country courts by the mom of the little tyke confirms the news.

Flavor Flav Paternity Of 2-Month-Old Baby Boy Confirmed By DNA

Former employee of his Public Enemy management team, Kate Gammell, had all ties severed between her and Flav when she made the accusations of him fathering her child, according to the Source.

Flavor Flav and baby mama
Flavor Flav and Kate Gammell in happier times.

Undoubtedly seeking child support, Gammell established paternity of her young son naming Flavor, whose real name is William Drayton, as the biological father. Though he first denied the claim, it’s now proven that he was wrong.

According to the DNA test, there is no doubt that Flavor Flav is the daddy, with a 99.9% likelihood, as the Blast reports.

With a net worth of $3 million dollars, the rapper will now have to face the judge to find out how much he will have to pay to support their child.

No stranger to fatherhood, reportedly Flav already has at least 7 kids. Sharing beautiful photos of the little boy on social media, Kate Gammell is the proud new baby mama of the rapper. Time to pay up, Flav!

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