Blueface Concert Ends In Massive Fan Fight!!!

Blueface concert ends in a massive brawl, which made the whole concert come to a screeching halt. By the time cops arrived, the fight was already over.

Blueface Stopped Mid Song And Headed Straight For The Melee

Rapper, Johnathan Michael Porter, known as Blueface got himself involved in a ruckus at his concert. After a massive fight broke out, the rapper added his two cents in by jumping off the stage and headed right into the mix.

One minute, Blueface was performing “Shotta Flow,” and the next he was in the middle of a bunch of arguing that led to flying punches that originated off the side of the stage. He stopped mid-song.

It all went down at the Catalyst in Santa Cruz, California on Monday night.

Luckily, the rapper was stopped by one of his security guards. Thinking quickly, security got Blueface outta there fast.

But that didn’t stop the fans from fighting, a guy even picked up a trash can and tossed it, according to TMZ. So far, no reported arrests.

No stranger to trouble at his concerts, this is not the first time that a fight broke out at one of his shows. Even though there are no injuries were reported, let’s just hope no one was seriously hurt.

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