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John Legend Adding Tweaked Christmas Classic To His Christmas Album!!!

John Legend adding tweaked Christmas classic to a deluxe version of his Christmas album. Adding a new version of an old classic this year, get ready for a remake of “Baby, It’s Cold Outside.”

John Legend And Kelly Clarkson To Perform “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” With Rewritten Lyrics

Due to controversy around the time the #MeToo movement was born, some took issue with a Christmas tune written over 50 years ago. Released in 1964, “Baby, it’s Cold Outside” is a staple in every Christian home at Christmas. Tweaking the classic song, a new version will be released without the so-called controversial lyrics.

John Legend

Many before John Legend have performed the song, including Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong and others, most recently, Lady Gaga. My favorite version was sung by Eartha Kitt.

Originally written in 1944 by Frank Loesser, the new lines are written by Natasha Rothwell and will be performed by John Legend in a duet with Kelly Clarkson.

John Legend
John Legend and Kelly Clarkson

Interviewed in Vanity Fair, Legend reveals the new lyrics that will replace the line that says, “Say, what’s in this drink?”, which is reportedly read as a date-rape attempt. With some of the lyrics rewritten, it will read like this –

“What will my friends think…”

“I think they should rejoice.”

“…if I have one more drink?”

“It’s your body, and your choice.”

Changed Controversial Lyrics Reflect A Sign Of The Times

According to Rolling Stone, other parts of the song’s conversation will be –

“I really can’t stay (Baby it’s cold outside)

I’ve gotta go away (I can call you a ride)

This evening has been (So glad that you dropped in)

So very nice (Time spent with you is paradise)

My mother will start to worry (I’ll call a car and tell ’em to hurry)…”

Adding the new lyrics shouldn’t alter the soul of the song, can’t wait to hear this version by Legend and Clarkson this Christmas.

Also on John Legend’s expanded LP will be 3 other new tracks, This Christmas, My Favorite Things and Christmas in New Orleans.

Released on November 8th, the deluxe version of his Christmas album, A Legendary Christmas should be a nice addition to our playlist this holiday season.

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