Miss Universe at Tyler Perry Studios

Miss Universe Pageant To Be Hosted At Tyler Perry Studios In Atlanta!!!

Tyler Perry Studios to host The 2019 Miss Universe Pageant this year. And for the fifth consecutive season, Steve Harvey has signed on to host.

Miss Universe Pageant Will Air In 190 Nations, Averages One Billion Viewers

Guess whose headed to Atlanta!

As reported by the Source, Tyler Perry Studios has been selected as the venue of The 2019 Miss Universe Pageant.

With 330 acres and 12 stages to choose from, there’s plenty of space in the 250 million dollar Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta, Georgia. As we told you here at drenchedinblack.com, the grand opening of Perry’s mega complex was just last month and was a major star-studded event.

Miss Universe Pageant to be hosted at the Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta

Miss USA 2019, Cheslie Kryst Will Compete For The Miss Universe Crown

Last year, Miss Catriona Gray of the Philipians was the winner of Miss Universe in 2018.

In the running for the title this year is Miss Cheslie Corrine Kryst. Since she was the winner of Miss USA 2019, she will be representing the United States of America and competing for the Miss Universe crown.

Miss Universe Pageant
Cheslie Kryst to represent the United States of America in the 2019 Miss Universe Pageant

Ms. Kryst made history earlier this year, along with Ms. Nia Imani Franklin and Ms. Kaliegh Garris. Their wins in the 2019 Miss America Pageant, The Miss USA Pageant and The Miss Teen USA Pageant respectively marked the first time the winners were all African-American.

Set to take place on December 8th on Fox, it will air in 190 nations and expected to average one billion viewers. Time to cheer a sister on.

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