Evan Holyfield Wins Debut 16 Second Boxing Match!!!

Evan Holyfield, the 21-year old son of former heavyweight champion of the world, Evander Hollyfield just won his debut boxing match…in just 16 seconds.

Evan Holyfield Starts Boxing Career 1-0

Making his professional boxing debut last Saturday night, Evan Holyfield fron Atlanta Georgia, dominated Nick Winstead, his opponent. Watch the entire thing here –

As reported by The Source, Holyfield came out swinging fast and hard. Making it look easy to do, the younger Holyfield earned his first win professionally, he’s 1-0. Winstead is 0-2.

Evan Holyfield

16 seconds was all it took. Holyfield knocked Winstead to the ground and the fight was stopped by referee Robert Hoyle, without a count. After the bout, Evan Holyfield had this to say –

“It was such a blessing to be able to showcase my talent on the card like this and God bless us all, I was just expecting to box and I just went out there and did my job. I was zoned in and God just had me.”

Evan Holyfield

Not wihout controversy, people weren’t too happy with the ending. Some say it was premature.

Regardless, Evander Holyfield must be one proud papa right about now. We’ll surely be watching this young man’s career.

Evan Holyfield and father Evander Holyfield

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