India.Arie Scores First #1 With “Steady Love”!!!

India.Arie scores her very first #1 on Billboard’s Adult R&B songs airplay chart. Almost 20 years after her first breakthrough single, “Video” hit the scene back in 2001. Then “Brown Skin” shortly thereafter.

India.Arie Has Her 15th Entry On The Chart, And Her 8th Top 10

Singer/Songwriter India.Arie is enjoying the honor of reaching the No. 1 position with Steady Love on November 2nd. Her 15th entry on the chart, and 8th top 10. Not only did she reach #1, but the single also achieved the chart’s Greatest Gainer honor, according to Nielsen Music.

India.Arie Steady Love

Bursting into a round of applause upon hearing the news, India.Arie discussed the achievement with Billboard, saying –  

“I love it, it’s cool to be 20 years in at this point and have a No. 1.”

“The thing that makes it really cool is to be with people who support you to work hard enough to get something to No. 1.”

No easy feat for her new song, it spent 26 weeks on the chart before finally climbing to the top spot. Before we check out her new video, let’s see where it all started.

Let’s Take A Look At Her Debut Hit Single, Video

…And On The Heels Of Video, We Got Brown Skin, Which Happens To Be My Favorite

“My mission and intention has always been to make meaningful music, and people are open to it in a different way again. There was an era in like 2008-2012 when people thought that was boring. After, what was that movie? — Black Panther — it was interesting to be cultural again, be spiritual again, be black again. People are hungry in a different way for what I do now.” – India.Arie

Appearing on her latest project, Steady Love celebrates black love and it appears on the singer’s Worthy album, her first full-length effort in more than five years.

Why did it take so long between releases, maybe her statements below will shed some light on that.

“If you don’t hear from me between two and three years for an album, you can pretty much assume I’m thinking about quitting…[Labels] treat artists like they’re dispensable…”

O.K. Here’s Her Latest Effort, Steady Love

In A Good Place Now, India Is Enjoying Her Move To BMG

After more than 10 years at Motown, India recently moved on to BMG. So far, she has nothing but good things to say. But right now, she is feeling the love for all her efforts.

“People have been walking down the aisle to ‘Steady Love’ and have their first dances to it — it’s heartwarming, and I need it, because I always think about quitting. Always.”

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