robyn crawford and whitney houston

Robyn Crawford Confirms Romance With Whitney Houston!!!

Robyn Crawford, longtime friend of superstar Whitney Houston confirms romantic relationship with the pop diva.

It’s been seven years since we tragically lost Ms. Whitney Houston. After being silent for years, her best friend, Robyn Crawford is giving a glimpse into their intimate relationship back in the 80’s.

Robyn Crawford Breaks Her Silence

Opening up about her past relationship with Whitney Houston, Robyn Crawford has broken her silence by writing a book titled “A Song For You: My life with Whitney Houston.”

Though the rumors have long dogged Houston, if you look back at photos throughout her career, Crawford was always somewhere in the background.

From the very beginning, Robyn was there, well before Whitney was a household name. After she was known the world over, she was still there.

robyn crawford

Speaking exclusively with NBC News, Crawford says of their union –

“Our friendship was a deep friendship. In the early part of that friendship, it was physical.”

“It was during that first summer that we met, [that] was the first time that our lips touched…and it wasn’t anything planned. It just happened. And it felt wonderful.”

“And then, it wasn’t long after that, we spent the night together, and that evening was the night that we touched. And that just bought us closer.”

“…I wasn’t surprised, I was in that moment. It was, it was ours and …she just came into my life all of a sudden. I didn’t know how long it was gonna last, but I was just enjoying the moment. And that’s what we did, we just enjoyed it.”

robyn crawford and whitney houston
WHITNEY. “CAN I BE ME”. Photo Credit: Lafayette Films/Passion Pictures. Photo ID: WHITNEY_canibeme_Whitney-Robyn10

According to Robyn Crawfords book, her and Whitney first met at a summer camp when they were both counselors. They hit it off immediately. She was 19 years old, and Whitney was all of 16.

From that moment on, Robyn was always by Whitney’s side for the next 20 years.

Whitney Houston and Robyn Crawford Were By Each Others Side For Decades

robyn crawford and whitney houston

Though they wanted to be together, according to Robyn, the physical part of their relationship ended shortly after Whitney signed a record deal with Clive Davis of Arista Records.

As reported by People, Whitney gifted Robyn with a blue slate bible, and ended the intimate part of their relationship. Robyn says Whitney said to her –

“We shouldn’t be physical anymore, for it would make our journey even more difficult…if people find out about us, they will use this against us”

Reportedly, Whitney also told Robyn that her mom didn’t think it was natural for two girls to be so close.

However, though the romance ended, the friendship remained strong. As Whitney Houston became a global powerhouse, they continued to be the best of friends for a couple of decades.

Wherever Whitney was, you’d be sure that Robyn was somewhere close by.

It’s funny though, because if Whitney was here and this story came out now, in this day and age, it wouldn’t even be a big deal.

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