Do Real Men Pay All The Bills? Married 18 Years, My Wife NEVAAHH Paid A Bill!!!

Real men pay all the bills, according to this guy. Married for 18 years, going on 19, and this man says his wife never paid a bill. Does a real man pay all the bills?

Real Men Pay All The Bills According To This Man, His Wife Never Paid A Bill, Not A Mortgage Payment, Gas, Electric, Cable, Food, Nothing”

Have ya’ll seen this viral video? Posted on Instagram, it already has almost half a million views. Check it out below.

“I’ve been married 18 years, going on 19 years and my wife has never paid a mortgage payment, she’s never paid a gas bill, electrical bill, she’s never paid a cable bill, she’s never had to pay insurance for her cars, I pay for all that…but that’s what a (mf) man does for his family. I’m not on a pedestal behind it.

My wife shouldn’t have to worry about the gas being on the lights being on or food in the fridge. She don’t pay for food or none of that, that’s my job.” 

As shared by The Shade Room, @lovelyscorpio_pink posted a video on Instagram of her dad spilling some old school wisdom with his family.

Wait, There’s More…See What He Says About Men And Their Kids

And he wasn’t finished yet. Adding to his strong views on marital union, he went on to say how he feels about a man’s responsibility to his children.

“…got 8 children, and 12 grandchildren…and I’ve never been under one child support order in my life. And I do for all my kids, whenever they need me, all they gotta do is call their daddy, and I’m right there. So if you meet a (mf) that can’t treat you the way your father treats you, you don’t need that motherf*cker.


Kudos to this brother.

Now, I don’t want all the men who are not paying all the bills to get your britches all in a bunch. That doesn’t mean you are not a real man. I’m just saying…maybe you could step up your game!

On the other hand, it can be hard for a brother to pay ALL the bills this day and age. Unless you are a baller or otherwise making bank, it’s just not that simple.

So what do you guys think about this? Do real men pay all the bills? Share your views in the comments below.

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