Top 10 Brandy Songs on Billboard’s Hot 100!!!

Top 10 Brandy songs on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart. Missing in action for way too long, Brandy is back on the radar with a duet with Daniel Caesar called Love Again.

Brandy Showcases Her Smooth, Soulful Sounds With New Duet With Daniel Ceasar

I’m loving this new Brandy and Daniel Caesar collaboration.

Breaking through to the top spot with Love Again, let’s remind ourselves of Brandy’s smooth, soulful sounds with her top 10 songs on Billboard’s Hot 100 list over the years.

Brandy’s Top 10 On Billboard’s Hot 100

O.K., Here we go, Enjoy!

#1 – THE BOY IS MINE (1998)

#2 – HAVE YOU EVER (1999)

#3 – SITTING UP IN MY ROOM (From “Waiting To Exhale”) (1996)

#4 – BABY (1995)

$5 – I WANNA BE DOWN (1994)

#6 – WHAT ABOUT US (2002)



#9 – FULL MOON (2002)

#10 – MISSING YOU (From “Set It Off”) (1996)

According to Billboard, her new duet, Love Again with Daniel Caesar marks her first time at the #1 spot on the R&B Air Play Chart! Congratulations, girlie.


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