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Mary J. Blige: Queen Of Thigh-High Boots!!!

Mary J. Blige is the Queen of thigh-high boots. Whether she is in the airport, on stage performing or walking down the street, her signature go-to item is her thigh-high boots.

Blige Takes Us On A Glorious Thigh-High Journey

Let’s take a look at Mary over the years rocking her thigh-high boots. Check her out.

Mary J. Blige

Without the boots, her outfit here would have just been some plain old jeans and a shirt.

Mary J. Blige

What goes best with a mini skirt and fishnet stockings? You guessed it.

Mary J. Blige

Who would wear knee high boots with shorts and a sports jersey and backward cap? Mary J. Blige, that’s who.


Now, I really like this look. I guarantee you she bought the boots first, then found the outfit to match them.


Blige had to go through a lot before coming up with this ensemble. I bet her bedroom had all kind of clothes thrown all over the place.

So this is cute. Another time I could see her picking out the boots first, then getting an outfit to match them.

I see you in the background, 50, where ya’ll goin’?

Straight up ghetto chic.

Adding the touch of blue made the whole outfit pop.

Even her album cover was rockin’ hard with her signature look.

Though simple, this is real cute from head to toe. Technically, they are knee-high, but you get the point.

Mary J. Blige

O.K. ya’ll, who else could pull off this number. Knee-high boots with an evening gown? Beautiful, Mary J., we see ya!

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