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Lauren London X Puma Collaborate for ‘Forever Stronger’!!!

As Lauren London took to Instagram today, she unveils her collaboration with PUMA for a line of apparel in the Forever Stronger collection.

Lauren London X Nipsey Hussle: The Marathon Continues…

Featured in PUMA’s Forever Stronger collection, Lauren London is the main focus in every shot of the 3 minute promotional video. However, one can’t see just her alone. Nipsey Hussle is all over the place. You can literally feel his presence.

lauren london and nipsey hussle

The ad starts out with the actress, wearing PUMA attire. Capturing the essence of who Nip was to her, London recites a poignant poem written by the late rapper’s sister, Samantha Smith. With a hauntingly beautiful music contribution by Grammy winner Larrence Dopson. The backdrop, the city of Los Angeles, of course.

lauren london

Full of emotion, the piece is a shining tribute and personal love letter to her late beau, Nipsey Hussle. Though Nip was tragically taken from us, clearly he still resides wherever London goes.

As reported by the Source, the imagery of Nip is throughout the entire video from her Boogie name chain, her portrait tattoo of him, to the video closing out at the same place where the couple did their last photoshoot for GQ.

While reciting the poetry of Nips sister, Sammie Smith, Lauren asks –

Does Life Birth Us Twice?

Ending the ad with that simple, yet complicated question, Lauren stands in the same spot where Nip stood in a PUMA photoshoot.

This is the poem Lauren London recites during the piece. See the video below.

“There’s nothing to hide here, no way to pretend. We relate. We disagree. We disengage.

We are running into each other. We are the song that writes itself, the melody replays in the key of elevated living. We forget the words, we never forget the feeling.

Glory and divinity conduct our symphony. We are infinite affinity, wrapped in sacred epiphany. We are meant for ‘We.’

We are flowing, we are growing. We are open like the red sea. We walk through with confident uncertainty.

We kneel here…we heal here. We open our hearts to the heavens. We use our tears to cleanse our canvas. The fear floods us. The love is electric.

Self inflicted pain, we dance in the rain ’til the fear is drained. ‘Cause pain is the light, pain is insight. The body hurts, but the spirit grows. The flesh is starving while wisdom overflows.

I got a question only Lord knows. ‘Does life birth us twice?'”

A poem by Samantha Smith

This is the piece.

The marathon continues…as promised.

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