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Meet Zhuri Nova James: 5 Year Old Daughter of Lebron!!!

Zhuri James, the daughter of Los Angeles Lakers basketball great, Lebron James has her own YouTube channel coming in 2020. Even though she’s just 5 years old, little Zhuri has plenty to say.

zhuri james

Zhuri James Will Feature Her 2 Big Brothers, Bronny and Bryce and Her Bulldog Puppy, Indigo

You may have noticed this little cutie on the sidelines at one of her dad’s basketball games. Now, she’s growing up and is all of 5-years-old and ready to branch out on her own. O.K. I’m talking about her new YouTube channel called All Things Zhuri.

Sure to be a family affair, this pretty little girly-girl will feature on her channel her two big brothers, 15-year-old Bronny Jr. and Bryce who is 12. Also popping up all over the place will be her cute little bulldog puppy, Indigo.

zhuri james and family

You can subscribe right now to her new YouTube channel. Already, she has over 23,000 subscribers. As reported by Complex, new additions are scheduled to start on New Year’s Day, 2020.

As of December 28th, more than 165,000 have viewed the trailer for All Things Zhuri. So go gather all your little kiddos and check it out right now.

In the video, you see the 5-year-old cooking, playing on her scooter, flying a drone, having fun at a trampoline park, and lots of other other things. The tiny dynamo admits that she’s got a lot going on.

“My Mom And Day Are So Cool, You Might Know Them”

Did you hear her sweet little voice in the trailer adorably saying –

“My mom and dad are so cool, you might know them.”

Of course she’s talking about her loving parents, LeBron and Savannah James.

zhuri james parents

I’m sure all this is monitored by her famous parents. They got to be very proud of their little princess right about now. as evidenced by Sir James’ announcement he made via his Twitter account on Christmas Day –

“She needs no introduction to the world but I’m excited for you all to meet my Princess Zhuri Nova through her eyes. All Things Zhuri coming soon‼️ Subscribe!!!” – Lebron James via Twitter on 12/25/19

Congrats, little Zhuri, we’ll be watching!

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