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Surviving R. Kelly Part II: The Reckoning!!!

Surviving R. Kelly Part II: The Reckoning. Get ready for the second installment of the 2019 award-winning docuseries, Surviving R. Kelly of alleged sexual misconduct by R&B singer/songwriter, R. Kelly.

Surviving R. Kelly Continues With Second Installment on Lifetime…

It. Ain’t. Over.

Though this story has been brewing for years and years, Surviving R. Kelly forced a worldwide conversation about these serious allegations against the superstar. Over 45 women have come forward with disturbing claims.

surviving r. kelly part II the reckoning

After the groundbreaking Emmy nominated and Critic’s Choice Award and MTV Award winning explosive documentary series seen by over 26.8 million people, Lifetime offers more to the story.

Check out the 4 minute official trailer uploaded to YouTube by Lifetime for Part II of the story.

For the first time, his ex, Dominique Gardner will reveal her story on camera.

What Will Dominique Gardner, Kelly’s Ex-Live In Girlfriend Reveal?

You will recall Dominique escaped from a hotel, allegedly under Kelly’s grip, due to the persistence of her mother in the first docuseries, only to return to Kelly.

dominique gardner

Well, she eventually left him for good and returned to her family. As reported on Billboard, she’s now ready to talk.

R. Kelly has denied all claims relating to sexual assault, domestic violence/abuse, and sexual misconduct with minors. As of this writing, R. Kelly remains in jail on federal and state charges.

surviving r. kelly

The story continues.

“…The Reckoning” will be a 3-night, 6-hour follow-up to Surviving R. Kelly. Featuring new accusers and insight, the first installment will be aired this Thursday, January 2nd on Lifetime TV.

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