An Evening With Janet Jackson’s ‘Janet’ Album!!!

Let’s spend an evening with the biggest Janet Jackson hits from just one album, Janet. A Huge success for the pop/r&b diva, she had 6 songs from this one album make the top 10 on Billboard’s Hot 100 Chart.


Janet Jackson Scores Six Top 10 Songs From One Album on Billboard’s Hot 100 Chart

If you are a Janet Jackson fan, no doubt this particular album is held dear to your heart. With 6 songs reaching the top 10 on Billboard, it was a mega hit project.

From the iconic cover, taken from her Rolling Stone magazine photo shoot, we were all eager to listen to the contents of this album. Then with the accompanying music videos…we were set. So are you ready to take a trip down memory lane? Of course you are. So, let’s get to it.


#1 – AGAIN

Spending 23 weeks on the chart, Again is one of my all-time favorite songs and music video’s by Miss Janet. It peaked at #1 on December 11, 1993. And the music video made you feel the love and believe in the chemistry between these two characters.


That’s The Way Love Goes peaked at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart on May 15, 1993 and spent 23 weeks on the charts.


The Billboard Hot 100 Chart had Anytime, Anyplace peaking at #2 on June 25, 1994. We saw this beauty stay on the charts for 20 weeks total.

#4 – IF

On September 11, 1993, If, the upbeat dance number, made it as high as #4 on Billboard’s Hot 100 Listing, and stayed around for 27 weeks.

#5 – YOU WANT THIS/70’s Love Groove

I really like this one too. You can also catch it in black and white. With MC Lyte adding her rap to this hit song, it was a fan favorite. Billboard saw You Want This reach #8 on the Hot 100 Chart on December 24, 1994. And it stayed on the charts for 22 weeks.

As a bonus, Janet added ’70’s Love Groove as a B side to You Want This.


This fun little song made it to #10 on Billboard Hot 100 Chart. Reaching that level on March 19, 1994. Because of Love stayed around for 20 weeks.

So there you have it. With all her many successful hit songs, it’s amazing that all of these hits came from just one project, The Janet album. Other than the songs listed here, she also gave us Throb, This Time, What’ll I Do and The Body That Loves You, among other gems.

And how many listened to the whole album, until there was just silence. Only to hear her softly ask, “Are you still up?” Well, yes, we were still up, and as a reward we were gifted with a bonus track, Whoops Now.

As a matter of act, let me just throw that beautiful music video on here. Check it out.

Go on, Miss Janet!

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