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‘Power’ Is Back…With The Final Episodes!!!

Get ready for the highly anticipated last ride for the popular Starz series, ‘Power‘. And the biggest question to be answered is…Who Shot James St. Patrick?

Power Has One Big Question To Answer…Who Shot Ghost?


After an explosive 6 seasons, the Power saga is coming to an end. In just 5 episodes, it will be over.

“Who shot James St. Patrick? We have several suspects, but only one person pulled the trigger. Maybe you know who did it, or maybe it was you. ” – Blanca Rodriguez, NYPD detective (Played by Monique Gabriela Curnan)

All suspects were questioned by the NYPD police department. Though they all claim that they are not the one that shot James St. Patrick, which one is not telling the truth?

You be the judge.


(Played by Michael Rainey, Jr.) son of James St. Patrick (Ghost) and Tasha St. Patrick.


Shoot my own father? Look, I don’t even know if he’s O.K., why don’t you tell me? I need to know. My family needs to know if my dad is alive or not.

SUSPECT #2: Andre (Dre) Coleman

(Played by Rotimi Akinosho) former employee of James St. Patrick, currently a snitch for the police.


“Look, he need to go, aight? I ain’t got a reason to shoot him if I’m helping you…I guess I’ll go back to being a civilian, while you figure this out.”


(Played by Joseph Sikora) the childhood friend and drug dealing partner of James St. Patrick (Ghost) and mentor to St. Patrick’s son, Tariq.


If you knew anything, you’d know by now…I ain’t no snitch. So if me talking is the best you got to figuring out who shot Ghost, you outta luck.”


Played by Naturi Naughton, wife of James St. Patrick (Ghost) and mother of Tariq.


“I confess. James and I have problems in our marriage. We lost our daughter, Raina. I just can’t imagine what our lives will look like without him.”


(Played by Elizabeth Rodriguez) Paz is the sister of Angela Valdes, Ghost’s mistress who was killed by Tommy Eagan.

“Someone shot Jamie? Good. He deserves to pay for what he did to Angelita. I’ve got nothing to confess.”


(Played by Shane Johnson) Works for the Assistant Attorney’s Office.

“Let me spell it out for you. Ghost is a drug kingpin. With a long list of enemies, any one of ’em could have shot him. I was this close to putting him away for life. If I had, none of this would have happened.

“O.K….that sounded like a confession, but it’s, it’s not.”


Played by Larenz Tate, running for Governor of New York, partnered with James St. Patrick.

“I’m running to be New York’s first elected black governor. Why would I shoot him? Do you know something I don’t know?”

So there you have it? Who do you think pulled the trigger? Check out the trailer for yourself below.

And in case you need a refresher, here is the final scene leading up to the shooting of James St. Patrick.

FOOTNOTE: After all these suspects, there are actually a few more to consider. What about Tasha’s boyfriend? Or perhaps St. James’s new squeeze? You never know. Tune in tonight to continue your investigation.

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