Let Me Introduce You To H.E.R.!!!

Let me introduce you to H.E.R. She’s R&B at it’s finest. Not exactly getting the recognition she deserves, this lady is on fire. She get’s nothing but respect from us, though.

H.E.R. Delivers Vibes You Can Groove To Like Back In The Day

Grammy Award winning singer and songwriter Gabrielle Wilson, who goes by H.E.R. is making quite a name for herself. She’s deep, she’s interesting, she’s beautiful. I mean, this girl brought real music back. Let’s check out what she’s all about.

O.K., I admit, I didn’t know anything about this young lady. Never heard of H.E.R. My first introduction was her appearance on the 2019 BET Awards. She blew me away. Check out her live performance of Lord Is Coming with YBN Cordae below.

After seeing her performance on BET Awards, I’m like…Who is this girl, so you know I had to go look up a sister. Here are some other contributions she’s made to music. And she’s only 22…let that sink in.

SLIDE (featuring YG)


COULD’VE BEEN (featuring Bryson Tiller)




SLOW DOWN (With Bob Marley)


Best Part (with Daniel Caesar) LIVE

Let me mention, at the 61st BET Music Awards, H.E.R. was nominated for 5 Grammy Awards. She was the winner for Best R&B Performer and Best R&B Album.

At the 62nd BET Awards, H.E.R. was nominated for 5 more Grammy’s. For Album, Record and Song of the Year for her compilation album, I Used To Know Her and Hard Place, according to Wikipedia.

This is like back in the day music, ya’ll. You know the days when you use to lay down and chill all by yourself…listening to the smooth sounds of your favorite artists…and feel good about it? Yeah…that’s H.E.R.

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