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Azriel Clary vs. Joycelyn Savage: Fireworks on R. Kelly’s Birthday!!!

Azriel Clary vs. Joycelyn Savage: Fireworks on R. Kelly’s Birthday. R. Kelly celebrating his 53rd birthday while still behind bars. But his his two girlfriends are fighting each other at his Trump Tower condo in Chicago! And it was all on camera.

Joycelyn Savage Allegedly Punched Azriel Clary In The Face…While On Instagram Live!

After R. Kelly was arrested on several sex charges, his 2 girlfriends, Azriel Clary and Joycelyn Savage put up a united front.

azriel clary and joycelyn savage

Vigorously defending the R&B crooner, Savage and Clary appeared on CBS This Morning in an interview with Gayle King. Watch below.

In the video above, you even see Savage consoling Clary when she broke down. But now there seems to be trouble in paradise.

As reported by TMZ, the Chicago Police Department responded to a reported battery at Kelly’s Trump Tower condo shortly after Azriel Clary and Joycelyn Savage came to blows. While streaming on Instagram Live. Azriel appeared to be packing up her stuff to move out of the condo. However, Joycelyn Savage walked in and all hell broke loose.

While holding her phone and recording, it seemed Azriel dropped her phone after being hit by Joycelyn. But it was still recording. Azriel could be heard saying that she was looking out for herself.

azriel clary

Clary Says, “I want to press charges, immediately!”

Also, Kelly’s girlfriend (Clary) threatened to send his other girlfriend (Savage) to jail. For what though? For the very thing Kelly’s facing … having sex with a minor. Azriel claimed she was a minor when she had sex with Joycelyn — perhaps in a threesome with Kelly?

That got Joycelyn furious, and they apparently came to blows. During the recording, you could hear 2 other voices in the room trying to break up the fight between the young ladies.

Azriel told people watching on IG … R. Kelly’s “been lying to you guys” and claimed he had her and Joycelyn lie for him too. That’s clearly a new development in the R. Kelly saga. See the footage below.

Law enforcement sources told TMZ that Azriel claims she was punched in the face with a closed fist, and she went to the hospital to be treated for redness and swelling of her left eye.

Clearly Distraught and Emotional, Azriel Explains What Happened At R. Kelly’s Chicago Condo

Afterwards, Clary explained the situation, stating –

“Joycelyn attacked me. It was witnesses, you can go ask Trump’s security.

Every single time she came to me and attacked me. I would like to press charges immediately.”

joycelyn savage

Joycelyn apparently sent a woman to the apartment she shares with Azriel. Azriel claims that a lady she calls Kimberly, who Azriel described as a handler for R. Kelly who ‘does all his handwork from him from jail, was also in the room. When asked why Joycelyn attacked her, Azriel added –

“First of all, she came up in here, she had…gave our keys to another woman…she sent Kimberly up here to get stuff. I don’t know who Kimberly is, she’s somebody who supports (Kelly), I don’t know.”

“She (Kimberly) came up here with keys, I didn’t let her come up here at first because I didn’t know who she was. I told her if Joy needs anything from this apartment she needs to be with you, because I don’t know who you are.”

Check it out.

Clary claims Joycelyn came back up with “Kimberly” and tried to get some things, namely the singers awards and Grammys and stuff. But immediately things escalated when Joycelyn told Clary that she was wrong for what she was doing. Reacting to that, Azriel told Joycelyn –

“You’re going to jail, you slept with a minor, that minor was me. You did it multiple times over and over again.”

After this exchange, Clary claims that Savage started attacking her –

“She hit me with her hands and she was trying to kick me. She hit me on my head with her phone…and when she was punching me she had her phone in her hand”

Attorney for R. Kelly Responds To Azriel Clary’s Claims

r. kelly
R. Kelly

Shortly after this incident, Kelly’s attorney, Steve Greenberg did not seem too concerned about the new allegations from Azriel, telling TMZ –

“I have a statement written by Azriel that she provided to me, voluntarily, after Robert was already in jail, that said she never had sex with him when she was underaged.”

“As far as this little catfight, it is clear that it was staged to try and boost social media popularity.”

Surrendering to police late Wednesday night, Joycelyn was booked for misdemeanor battery. Though she was released from jail on Thursday morning, she must appear back in court on January 23rd.

Joycelyn’s father says he is still not in contact with his daughter. Stay tuned.

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