Rapsody Releases “Afeni” from Powerful Eve Album!!!

Rapsody releases Afeni, the latest single to be released from her powerful album titled simply “Eve”. And very fitting, since every song is named after an influential, strong black woman.

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Rapsody States Her Case To The Black Man In New Music Video

36 year old Marlanna Evans from North Carolina, who goes by the stage name Rapsody, delivers with her latest musical release. The Grammy Award winning rapper and songwriter’s Eve album is described as a masterpiece of Hip Hop feminism by Rollingstone.com.

Rapsody releases Afeni, which is a tribute to the mother of Tupac Shakur. Featuring PJ Morton, Afeni is an ode to the black man and lifts the strong hook from Tupac Shakur’s uplifting song, ‘Keep ya head up.”

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Breaking down the relationships between the black man, black woman and their child, Afeni takes on a slew of emotions. First we see a young black couple in love in the music video, then watch as she raised her son as a single mother. A scenario all too familiar in the black community.

1st verse of Rapsody’s ‘Afeni’

[Verse 1: Rapsody]
My brothers (My brothers)‚ I love you (I love you)
I  hate to know some of you treat us like Glover (Glover)
Black card revoked‚ maybe you could use Discover (Discover)
Define yourself, do you feel the same way ’bout your mother? (Mother)
Do you overlook our beauty, but you love it on all the others (Others)
Hope  you teach your daughters all to stay away from suckas
Like yourself if you don’t love yourself
I’m so Southern (Southern)‚ I was taught to feed the soul with or without hot ovens

Here’s a plate, know your hate come from a black man struggle (Struggle)
We all in the same shape, so I know I fit your puzzle (Puzzle)
Either way‚ we got your back, we only pray you’ll be our muscle (Pray you’ll be our muscle)
Strength in the times we all overcome with trouble
Every day we pullin’ doubles for ourself and home (For ourself and home)
My mom and daddy taught me, early on, protect your own (Protect your own)

We never stopped lovin’ you, so turn your love back on (Your love back on)

And I pray you feel the same way as that 2Pac song
We ain’t your hoes or your bitches, trophies, or meant for pimpin’
Recognize a gift from God outweighs a birthday or a Christmas
To protect our lives, you gon’ take it to the limit? (You gon’ take it to the limit?)
Rib of my rib, do you still feel us in ya

Check out the video below.

Smooth Vocals of P J Morton Offer Welcoming Message To The Black Woman

For his contribution, PJ Morton adds an uplifting message with his smooth vocals. Offering an apology, along with words of appreciation to the black woman from the black man.

The opening clip of Rapsody’s music video shows Pac reciting the hook from his hit song, Keep ya head up.

“Now, since we all came from a woman, got our name from a woman and our game from a…woman, I wonder why we take from our woman, why we rape our women do we hate our…women?”

Here is the whole message delivered by Pac more than a decade ago.

We need messages like this today. Tupac’s words still resonate today.

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