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Robin Roberts Presents Stolen By My Mother: The Kamiyah Mobley Story

Kamiyah Mobley has an unfolding story of kidnapping, anger and healing. Only 8 hours after being born, she was kidnapped from the hospital. She would not learn that her entire life was a lie for another 18 years.

Kamiyah Mobley Kidnapped At 8 Hours Old

Get ready for the riveting true story of a horrific kidnapping of a baby girl. To be aired on Lifetime Television, Robin Roberts Presents Stolen By My Mother: The Kamiyah Mobley Story.

kamiyah mobley

Kamiyah Teresiah Tasha Mobley was born on July 10, 1998 in Jacksonville, Florida. Her 16-year-old mother, Shanara Mobley, would have just 8 hours before the newborn would be stolen from her room at University Medical Center by a woman impersonating a nurse.

A Mother’s Anguish

Her abductor, Gloria Williams has a heartbreaking story of her own. Suffering a miscarriage only a week before the abduction, that is believed to possibly be the motive for her actions.

No one knows how a woman would process such agonizing events in her life. But, in the afternoon of July 10, 1998, Miss Gloria Williams chose to walk into the hospital room of Shanara Mobley dressed as a nurse.

After having a conversation with Shanara and tending to Shanara’s infant daughter, Williams walked out of the room…with the baby.

It would be 18 years before Shanara would learn the fate of her little girl.

Because there were no pictures taken of the tiny baby girl, Missing Alert posters were printed with computer generated composites of what the baby might look like. No doubt, the young mother suffered an unimaginable pain.

kamiyah mobley

Gloria Williams would get away with her crime for almost 2 decades.

After successfully stealing away the baby girl from her mother, Williams went about creating a fake identity for the little girl. First step, changing her name to ALEXIS KELLI MANIGO.

Gloria Williams Arrested And Charged With Kidnapping, Interfering With Custody

Fast forward 18 years. Due to an anonymous tip, a DNA swab taken of Kamiyah Mobley when she was born proved to be a match of the person now known as Alexis Manigo. Arrested in South Carolina, Gloria Williams was extradited to Florida and charged with kidnapping and interfering with custody.

Testifying at her trial, Kamiyah’s birth mother emotionally takes the stand and through tears, expressess, “I am your mother, Kamiyah!”

Ultimately, in 1998 Gloria Williams pleaded guilty to kidnapping and was sentenced to 18 years.

Now Lifetime Television is airing the story of Kamiyah Mobley.

Stolen by My Mother: The Kamiyah Mobley Story will air on January 18, 2020 as part of Lifetime’s “Ripped from the Headlines” feature films. Executive Produced by Robin Roberts, the film stars –

Watch the trailer below.

So, Did Kamiyah Mobley’s Story Have A Happy Ending?

So did Kamiyah’s story have a happy ending? Far from it. How do you process such information about your very life and not have mental difficulty?

Still holding on to the bond she shared with her abductor, Kamiyah could not tear herself away from the only person she has known as “Mom.” Eventually it became too much for her birth mom, and she expressed that she was sorry that she even reunited with her daughter.

kamiyah mobley
Mandatory Credit: Photo by Will Dickey/AP/REX/Shutterstock (9662966a) Kamiyah Mobley, who was raised with the name Alexis Kelly Manigo, sits in the courtroom before the sentencing hearing of Gloria Williams at the Duval County Courthouse in Jacksonville, Florida. Williams pleaded guilty in the kidnapping of infant Kamiyah Mobley from University Medical Center in 1998 when Kamiyah was an infant. Gloria Williams sentencing hearing at Duval County Courthouse, Jacksonville, USA – 30 Mar 2018

Kamiyah Mobley’s Confustion and Anger On Full Display During A Taping of ‘Iyanla, Fix My Life’

Met with confusion and animosity, Kamiyah appeared on an episode of Iyanla, Fix My Life and all of her emotions bubbled over into outrage, disrespect and immense anger.

Though Iyanla handled the situation like a trooper, obviously she realizes that the young lady before her was hurting in a way most of us will never understand.

No one wins in this situation. Lots of prayer and soul searching is necessary to heal this young lady.

Though Shanara Mobley was awarded $1.5 million for the abduction of her baby, that does not alter the anguish and pain she still feels to this day.

On the eve of her story being televised on Lifetime, it was just announced that Kamiyah Mobley is moving in with her biological parents. Hopefully the healing process has begun.

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