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Floyd Mayweather Accused Of Assault!!!

Floyd Mayweather accused of assault while in a Miami hotel. During the weekend of the Super Bowl, Mayweather found himself in the middle of controversy.

Floyd Mayweather

Famed boxer Floyd Mayweather has been accused of assaulting a guy while at the Fountainbleu Hilton on February 1st, according to a police report filed in Miami, Florida.

Allegedly, an altercation happened between Mayweather and 32-year-old Ricco Kimborough. Kimborough claims he recognized the boxing great while he was standing with his security team at the valet stand aroud 8:30 AM.

floyd mayweather

As reported by TMZ, Ricco also claims that he asked Floyd for a picture but Mayweather turned him down saying, “I can’t even get a good morning first?” What happened next is in question.

As the police report alleges, Ricco accuses Floyd’s security team of pushing “him away from Mayweather” while Floyd was yelling, “I’ll beat your ass.”

Check out the video below.

While Rico and Floyd shout at each other, Floyd’s team can be seen on a video tape obtained by TMZ Sports, trying to diffuse the situation.

At one point, Ricco says if he gets his ass kicked by Floyd, “I’ll get all your money too! At which time Floyd responds, “You can get this ass-whooping for free.”

Though harsh words were exchanged, at no point in the video, does Floyd ever get physical. It all ends when Floyd exits in his waiting SUV.

So far, no comment from Mayweathers’ camp. Could it be that the overzealous fan is just trying to get paid? Stay tuned as the Miami Beach Police investigate.

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