lauren and cameron

Lauren and Cameron of “Love Is Blind” YouTube Channel!!!

Lauren and Cameron of ‘Love is Blind’ now have a YouTube channel. That’s right, The Hamilton’s (Cameron Hamilton and the former Lauren Sneed) are sharing their lives with their million plus fans.

Lauren and cameron: so jUST WHO ARE THESE TWO?

lauren and cameron

So just who are Lauren and Cameron Hamilton? If you don’t know these two, then head on over to Netflix right now and binge watch the whole first season of “Love Is Blind.”

Love Is Blind‘ is a reality show that had couples getting to know each other without ever laying eyes on one another. And the only way they would meet, is if one of them proposed marriage to the other. See the official trailer below.

Lauren and Cameron were the most popular couple on the show and they had everybody rooting for them. Spoiler Alert: There’s was a success story. Yes, they ended up getting married on national t.v. This is their story from ‘Love is Blind.’

After their I Do’s, The Hamilton’s have more than a year under their belt as a married couple. And all indications say that this is the real thing.

lauren and cameron hamilton

‘hangin’ with The Hamiltons’ a new channel on youtube

So, for all those fans out there who already know about these two, head on over to YouTube and check out their brand new channel started just a week ago, called “Hangin’ With The Hamilton’s.” Check it out.

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