Rihanna donates $5 million in coronavirus relief!!!

Rihanna donates $5 million for the relief of COVID-19. Though her Clara Lionel Foundation, she made a huge donation to help those on the front line trying to stop the virus that’s sweeping across the planet.

Rihanna Donation To Help The USA And Those Around The World

Rihanna Fenty is known for many things, namely her music, her beauty line, and most recently her philanthropy.

Now, the superstar is helping millions with her massive recent donation through her foundation. Rihanna donated $5 million for aid in battling the coronavirus disease that has gripped all of us across the globe.As reported by TMZ, among the many areas, this donation will help with are –

  • to support local food banks in the United States
  • speed up testing
  • speed up medical care in countries like Haiti and Malawi
  • helping doctors and nurses on the frontlines
  • providing protective equipment, maintenance, and intensive care
  • acceleration of the development of vaccines, etc.
  • helping to distribute critical respiratory supplies
  • and much more

In a statement by Justine Lucas, the Executive Director at CLF –

“Never has it been more important or urgent to protect and prepare marginalized and underserved communities — those who will be hit hardest by this pandemic.”

Rihanna’s award-winning foundation which she founded in 2012, has supported and funded monies toward education and emergency response programs around the world.

If you can help, please do not hesitate to donate to the Clara Lionel Foundation here: claralionelfoundation.org.

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