Missy Elliott

Missy Elliott Delivers Another Bangin’ Music Video for “Cool Off”!!!

Missy Elliott released a colorful new music video for her single, “Cool Off”. The cut comes from her ICONOLOGY project that was released in 2019.

Missy Elliott expands her vivid imagination FROM HER ICONOLOGY PROJECT in new music video

Music Icon Missy Elliott is back with another bangin’ video for a song off her Iconology project. Cool Off is the single that she released on Tuesday.

Some of the visuals included dancers dressed in chocolate-colored outfits to make them look like levitating statues in a museum.

Other dancers in the video appear in neon-colored clothing and danced around Missy. Although the music veteran has produced some pretty amazing visuals, she continues to share new concepts that keep us watching.

As reported by The Source, the Hip-Hop veteran even has singer, dancer and choreographer Teyana Taylor near the end of the video.

Taylor gives a pep talk to a young dancer (seemingly a young Missy), telling her “I want you to go out there, and I want you to go get it. Go follow your dreams.”

Click on the photo below to see the video.

Nice video Missy, keep your imagination flowing.

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