D. L. Hughley

D. L. Hughley Passes Out On Stage, Hospitalized!!!

D. L. Hughley passes out on stage.  The medical emergency was right in the middle of his comedy set at a club in Nashville, Tennessee.

D. L. Hughley Spends The Night In The Hospital

UPDATE: D. L. Hugeley took to social media to update everyone on his status after his fall at a comedy club on Friday. Not only was he suffering from EXTREME EXHAUSTION and DEHYDRATION, But, he also tested POSITIVE for COVID-19! Hugeley gave a live interview, where he also let everyone know that he was asymptomatic, and will now be under 14 days of quarantine. Let’s hope for the best for him. Get well soon, D. L.!

Comedian D. L. Hughley had a medical scare on stage in the middle of his set, while performing at a cozy little club called Zanies Comedy Club in Nashville on Friday evening.

Fans were enjoying his jokes when his words started to not make any sense.

D. L. Hughley

After D. L. Hughley received a glass of water from a member of his security team, he went to sit back down on his stool to continue his set. Immediately, he began to slur his words, causing those in attendance to take notice.

Suddenly, he began to waver, and his manager was quick on the scene to assist him. Hughley just went limp, passed out right there on stage, and fell to the floor. All this happened right in front of a sold-out crowd.

Obviously confused, and concerned, you could hear murmuring in the audience. At one point someone yelled out –

“Turn him on his side, turn him on his side, turn him on his side!”

Check out the video for yourself here –

Three other members of his crew came on stage to help, literally dragging his stiff body off the stage through a side door.

An announcer stated over the intercom, “Everybody just stay calm, we got it all under control.

Emergency personnel was contacted, and an ambulance and fire truck quickly showed up.  As reported by TMZ, the comedian was placed on a stretcher and taken to a nearby hospital.

Reaching out to the reps of D. L. Hughley TMZ later learned that he is going to be O.K.  There take, Hughley was –

“suffering from exhaustion after all the week’s work and travel, and was kept overnight at the hospital for tests under doctor’s orders. He is awake and feeling better, and wishes to thank everyone for the very kind prayer and thoughts.” – rep for D. L. Hughley

Keep resting Hughley, you’ll be fine.

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