cynthia bailey marries mike hill

Cynthia Bailey Can Finally ‘CHILL’ After marrying Mike Hill!!!

Cynthia Bailey of Housewives of Atlanta finally married her beau of less than 2 years, Michael Hill. Our girl can finally ‘CHILL’.

Cynthia Bailey And Mike Hill Tie The Knot In Gorgeous Atlanta Ceremony

cynthia bailey marries mike hill

Mike Hill and Cynthia Bailey wed on Saturday, October 10th in Atlanta. Due to the ongoing pandemic, the date was somewhat questioned. But, ultimately the wedding went off without a hitch on it’s originally planned date of 10/10/2020.

The Meeting

Bailey went on the Steve Harvey show back in 2018, where Steve played matchmaker and set her up with 3 potential men.

See the day they first met below.

After answering a few questions, the guys found out who was the chosen one. In the end, Mr. Mike Hill won Cynthia’s heart and she never looked back.

The First Date

Shortly after appearing on the Steve Harvey show, the pair went out for the very first time for her favorite food, sushi and sake at a Japanese restaurant.

cynthia bailey and mike hill get married

Describing their first date, Cynthia recalled on her Instagram page that she had to take a pre-arranged phone call during the meal that lasted for about an hour.

Yeah, she knows she was ‘super rude’. But, she recalls her potential future husband was “so sweet and understanding’ during the whole thing, and she held his hand throughout the phone call, reassuring him that she was not trying to be rude.

The Proposal

Introduced in Season 11 of ‘Housewives,’ she proclaimed she was ‘in love’ early on, and fans watched as the romance led to the proposal in Season 12.

Watching their courtship play out on her reality show, the Real Housewives of Atlanta, Cynthia created CHILL to honor their future union.

Immediately smitten with Mr. Hill, when called ‘thirsty’ by a fellow housewife, Cynthia admitted that she was indeed ‘very thirsty’ and couldn’t wait for Mike to propose.

Fans of The Real Housewives of Atlanta witnessed all the drama surrounding the proposal of Mike and Cynthia. But ultimately, Cynthia got what she was ‘thirsty’ for…the promise of future wedding bells.

The Wedding

At the Governors Towne Club in Acworth, Georgia, Mike and Cynthia said “I do!’ in front of 250 guests. After the ceremony, Cynthia told PEOPLE of her wedding day –

“Mike and I are elated that today has finally come! 10/10/20 is and always will be our perfect date…We are not perfect, but, are perfect for each other.”

“We are living in a very different time, and now more than ever we realize that life is too short, and to never take anything for granted. We are so grateful to have found each other. Love with the help of God conquers all.”

cynthia hill and mike finally marry

Always having their guest’ safety in mind, the couple put many safety precautions in place for their guests. According to Bravo, face shields and face masks made by The Real Housewives of New York City alum Jill Zarin and her daughter, Ally Shapiro, were provided to everyone.

The Future

The wedding of Mike and Cynthia creates a blended family that includes 3 daughters. Cynthia has daughter, Noelle while Mike has 2 of his own, Kayla and Ashlee.

Speaking with Page Six, Bailey said –

“For years, I said very publicly that I’d never get married again, but God had other plans. I met Mike Hill!”

Sure to be continued in the next season of ‘Housewives’ on Bravo, one of their known challenges was the fact that they had a long-distance relationship.

While Cynthia Bailey is domiciled in Atlanta Georgia, Mike Hill is living all the way across the country in L.A. How will they face this challenge now that they are married? Is a move in one of their futures? We’ll see how this plays out in Season 13.

This is the second marriage for Cynthia, her first husband was Peter Thomas. Their union ran it’s course in the public eye on her reality t.v. show. Mike was married twice before.

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Hill. Wishing you love and peace in your union.

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