Toni Braxton And H.E.R. Team Up For New Song, “Gotta Move On”!!!

Toni Braxton and H.E.R. put out new music for her latest single from her album, Spell My Name. Braxton’s old-school R&B soul groove, “Gotta Move On” making waves with her fans.

Toni Braxton and H.E.R. create a Visually Stunning Music Video

From the start of the project, it appears you are about to watch a really good movie. With the sultry voice of Toni Braxton and the guitar playing of fellow songstress, H.E.R. the mood is set. Toni goes on to narrate a broken relationship.

toni braxton and h.e.r.

First, putting out sneak peaks via her social media page, Braxton shared images of her new project, capturing the post this way –

“It is what it is…sometimes you just gotta move on…video out now featuring @hermusicofficial…”

“Gotta Move On” Appears On Toni Braxton’s 10th Studio Album, “Spell My Name”

Spell My Name is the tenth studio album by singer Toni Braxton. Released on August 28, 2020, by Island Records, Braxton delivers with this new video.

toni braxton

The album was named after the same-titled album track. According to Braxton, it acknowledges her legendary status –

“I have been in the music business a long time. So I think it’s OK for me to be confident in myself and the album title refers to that, like ‘Spell my name, I’m Toni Braxton — T.O.N.I B.R.A.X.T.O.N’ […] I’ve been in this business for a long time and I’ve been blessed, so, put some respect on my name a little bit […] I just thought it was a cool title to be honest.”

Of the singles already released from Spell My Name

  • “Do It” (released on August 6, 2020) which was produced by Missy Elliott and peaked at #1 on Billboard’s Adult R&B Song Chart
  • “Do It” (remix version) (released on June 26, 2020)
  • “Dance” (released on July 31, 2020)
  • “Gotta Move On” (released to Toni Braxton’s YouTube channel on August 24, 2020)

Fans Singing The Praises Of Toni Braxton With “Gotta Move On” Single

As reported by Celebrity Insider, Toni Braxton has her fans eager for more with the release of “Gotta Move On”. Singing her praises, looks like her collaboration with singer, H.E.R. was a win-win.

Check out the new music video for “Gotta Move On” that fans are raving about for yourself below.

Looks like Toni Braxton gotta hit on their hands.

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